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Mr. Wendel George

Dennery North Candidate

Meet Wendel George

Birthed and raised in the community of Thomazo, Dennery Wendel George never imagined that he would have matured to the extent of making such a huge impact on the lives of many. He has these wonderful childhood memories of running around the neighborhood with just an underwear, making cars with bottles and bottle caps – playing marbles and also jump rope with girls in the area.


The one thing he did not foresee, was such a successful career in his future, considering his academic history. School life had always been a challenge for him, being one of the slower learners in his classes. Wendel was unsuccessful at his Common Entrance Exams on two occasions. During his Secondary School years — he also fell short of achieving good grades in Mathematics, further failing Mathematics for Finance at SALCC.

Despite all his academic shortcomings, the one thing Wendel has always been successful at, is having the right attitude and humility.  At 33-years-old, having traveled to many places abroad — he has never forgotten his foundation and his journey. This is what has always kept him humble — ascertaining that he did not become egotistic.

Wendel George is the Social Media Consultant at the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Incorporated. He has about 12 years experience in the Tourism industry, having started his career with Sandals Resorts in 2009. 

He currently holds an Associates Degree in Travel and Tourism from the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Certified in Quality Systems Management with the Small Enterprise Development Unit and started his Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) through the Project Management Institute. 

Wendel has managed various projects at the SLHTA — but two of his most cherished events are the Chefs in Schools Programme, as well as the National Culinary Team events and Cook Off. He believes that no longer does 'Sand, Sea and Sun' cut it in this industry for millennials — but a very unique culinary experience plays a greater or equal role in the scheme of things. He strongly believes in not forgetting the people who offer these services and products — they too have a huge part to play in the vacation experience for visitors and locals alike.

Wendel has additionally managed several events including the SLHTA Pageant in 2012, the SLHTA Hospitality Apprenticeship Programme for Youth, SLHTA Rhythm & Spice Festival, SLHTA Sports Invitational, among other smaller activities hosted by the Association. 

He has been privileged to travel extensively for work within the Caribbean, as well as Miami and as far as Okinawa, Japan. He also started a small business called Beef Jerky 758, having realized that there was a need to create supplementary income during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Although Wendel does not live in the Mabouya Valley anymore — he has since moved to Castries for the convenience of his job. He decided to give back to the Community with the establishment of a programme called 'Big Brother St Lucia'. This programme was established to mentor young boys at the Grande Riviere Secondary School. Wendel cares about the development of people in general, however it breaks him every time he reads news online with the headline 'A young man was killed…'. 

He is of the opinion that without a male role model in the lives of young people, particularly our boys, this country will continue to be in turmoil. "Single mothers are priceless, they can raise a child to be a respectable person. They can turn them into wonderful students, making them God-fearing people, law-abiding citizens and wonderfully polite individuals. With all this, a woman cannot turn a boy into a man. A boy is going to be a man based on the man who is in front of him and the qualities of the man he beholds," is Wendel's belief.

He is also of the view that as leaders, we ought to play our parts in the development of our people — after all, they are our people, our children and our future.

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