• ​Strong focus on village tourism and eco-tourism

  • More support for the yachting sector (blue economy) to include pets  arrivals with appropriate documentation and microchips

  • Promote health and sports tourism

  • Set limits on all-inclusive hotel developments

  • Hotels to pay farmers/MB within 21 days of delivery of goods or mechanism to be set up via Central Purchasing Agency

  • Promotion of regional tourism Tourism/ Hotels lesser impact on environment, control excess tourism. How many tourists max have we had? 1.2m per year 2019.

  • Curtail environmental impact reef destruction etc moorings! Not all off board.

  • Encourage regional travel [moratorium/limit] on building near beaches… Particularly North

  • Develop b&b and village tourism tax free fix up B&B super encourage Eco tourism cook at home restaurants encourage hotels on hills not beach taxi get more work. Subsidize education for tourist B&Bs

  • More entry points for customs… immigration. Fill immigration online. Payment online. Ease of entry.