• The West Coast road  & East coast road need fully re-doing after over 20 years of patching. Verges and dangerous corners to be marked with Solar lighting and reflective technologies.

  • Louvette road to be reinstated as an alternative to the Barre de L'isle.

  • More Viewing Points (and not just on the coastal roads) with vendors and toilet facilities.

  • Registration of yachts and cruise ships.

  • More support yachting sector and Blue Economy. More entry points and entry and exit can be paid and submitted online without leaving the vessel.

  • Fully functional libraries/Common areas with comfortable seating, Wifi, Phone/device charging, ability to print (during office hours with small fee per page) 

  • Public toilets and showers open and staffed 24 hours a day /7 days a week /365 days a year.

  • Optional hot water showers (solar) for a small fee.

  • Allocate finances for relocating people in prone to flood areas. 

  • Affordable low cost starter homes for young adults - potentially hempcrete. Its about 6 months and 2 acres to produce the amount of hemp-hurds needed to build a 2 storey family house.

  • Sidewalks, roads, culverts, bridges, all can be made of hempcrete

  • St Lucians entering the country cannot be required to fill forms will not be required to line up for hours answering superfluous questions and taking longer to enter than foreigners. They will just prove citizenship with appropriate identification, and head to customs.