Care for the environment

Limit building near the shoreline

Land use reform

Water catchment areas

Play parks with toilet shower facilities by every beach

UNFETTERED access to EVERY BEACH easily usable by any wheelchair, stroller or person Initiatives

New building codes

Policy for abandoned properties.

campaigns to prevent wind and water erosion via planting trees of biological importance to the pollinators such as bees.

1 million per annum for National Trust  - one third to be used towards 50% of a revamped beautification STEP program to be coupled with the other 50% of STEP necessities.

Investment into sargassum seaweed fertilizer production and the use of booms for certain beaches.

Mega composting areas for natural compost.

Incentive to homes and businesses to keep a beautiful environment. 1 million dollars in prizes every 5 years (it takes time to beautify a grow a garden) best hedge best garden best road side, large house small house country house. as examples and up to 100 winners