Constitutional Reform

Constitutional reform

We suggest that there should be a fixed date for General Elections every 5 years. Politicians should not have the power to arbitrarily toy with the election date and decide to call elections when it seems most advantageous to their party.


We will implement Local Government Elections so that mayors and public council are voted in, instead of being appointed because they are followers of the party in government.

We suggest also a fixed maximum number of terms for any sitting  Prime Minister to make way for New Leadership to enter with fresh ideas.

We will implement the power of recall. We must have the power to fire any Minister in Parliament who is not performing in the best interest of their constituents. We should not have to wait 5 years to vote them out.

MPs must declare within 28 days any donations over 3000 which may influence their actions.
All direct awards must be posted on the appropriate government page online 78 hours before approval. (30 hrs prior to approval in the case of disaster mitigation).

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