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NGP Community Support 

The following is the National Green Party’s stance on supporting the Community. 

In Summary: 

The NGP will support the Community in these five main areas: 

1. Economic Justice 

2. Health 

3. Youth Development 

4. Heritage 

5. Farmers 


1. Economic Justice 

NGP will provide: 


● Living Wage 

● Basic Health Care 

● Disability Support : support for differently-abled persons 

● Food Program for the Elderly 

2. Health 

NGP will do a restructuring of the nation’s Health Care system to provide:


● A national Health Care plan that provides free basic services such as prescription  drugs, blood tests for all citizens. 

● Closer access for citizens to basic health, natural health, and social services. support by creating polyclinics in their communities. 

● Partnerships with international organisations and academic institutions. ● Holistic support and education for healthy living and exercise. 

3. Youth Development 

NGP will actively strengthen youth opportunities by: 

● Reinforcing youth, culture, and sports organisations. 

● Create a Youth Tourism Ambassador program. 

● Provision of youth facilities such as sports ATV / BMX tracks, skate parks,  swimming. 

● Establish an annual Fine Arts award event.

NGP Community Support 

4. Heritage 

The NGP recognizes the importance of our heritage and will promote our History and  Culture by: 

● Introducing school subjects into our education system: 

● The teaching of Saint Lucian, Black, Caribbean, and African History. ○ Creole (Kweyol) Language. 

● Theology education instead of [Roman Catholic] religion. 

● Allocate more resources to and lengthen the time of Creole celebrations. ● The creation of a National Slavery Museum driven by donations and government support. ● Better support for Emancipation Day (1st August). 

5. Farmers 

NGP will support our Farmers by providing: 

● A Farmer’s Pension 

● Crop Insurance

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