Food security

    • Grow what we eat.
    • Implement buy-local & organic campaigns to reduce importing foods — we can grow!

    • Boost local agriculture through education.  
    • Strengthen Marketing Board. The unit to be revamped and operated as main/sole purchaser of agri-producers
    • Declare statement on food security.
    • 100 acres under plastic greenhouse-like infrastructure with complementary irrigation equipment.

  •  Climate change — Implement climate change mitigation infrastructure to prevent rain from destroying crops. Increase water storage capacity. Introduce sufficient drainage to accommodate tepisodes of heavy rainfall and ensure crop safety.
    • Agriculture re-engineering & crop diversification of the sector, to include cannabis, soy industry and organically grown crops
    • Manufacturing and added-value agro-processing
    • Transportation for regional agricultural exports, zero wastage approach to agriculture (and everything in general)
Accept microchip animals.